Getting Started with AIVITEX: IT Prerequisite Steps

This guide is intended for IT administrators in a corporate setting to ensure a smooth experience with AIVITEX, a web platform that handles video streaming. Please follow these configurations and updates:

  1. Local Computer Access:

    • Grant access to the local user's Camera, Microphone, and Speakers.
  2. Browser Permissions:

    • Ensure that Edge and/or Chrome browsers have permission to access the Camera, Microphone, and Speakers.
  3. Trusted URLs:

    • Designate the following URLs as safe for access and browsing in Edge and/or Chrome browsers:
    • Alternatively, you can add * to cover all subdomains.
  4. Domain Access:

    • Allow the domain to access the Camera, Microphone, and Speakers in Edge and/or Chrome browsers for local users.
  5. Network Configuration:

    • Configure internet routers (WiFi) and access points (APs) to allow access to
    • Enable traffic on port 443 (TLS security protocol) on internet routers and access points.
  6. Bandwidth Allocation (Optional but Recommended):

    • Allocate a dedicated bandwidth of at least 50kbps for traffic to ensure optimal video resolution.
  7. Email Configuration:

    • Add the domain to your corporate mailing servers (POP3, SMTP, IMAP, LDAP, etc.) as a safe sender to prevent emails from being marked as spam.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that your organization's use of AIVITEX is seamless and efficient, allowing for high-quality digital service delivery.